The Tommy C. Capper Scholarship

Tom’s goal was to provide financial help to those for whom it would make a profound difference in their ability to succeed in life.

Why We're Here...

The scholarships available from the Tommy C. Capper Foundation are here for those whose lives it would make a distinct difference. Because his parents had a tough time putting him and his sister through college, Tom wanted his scholarships to go to the people who need it most!

DeWitt is a growing, thriving community with an abundance of scholarship opportunities for graduates. Education is one of our greatest community values! This foundation is the only one in the area to be open to current and former students of Central DeWitt High School.


Who Capper Foundation Scholarships are for:

    • Applicants must have attended Central DeWitt High School (formerly Central Clinton Community High School); regardless of graduation year.
    • Applicants must plan to study a specific area of interest, preferably in a short-term vocational or technical school program, but could also be a traditional college program.
    • Applicants must demonstrate financial need, and will be asked to provide a signed tax return and a recent pay stub.
    • Applicants must complete the scholarship application form.
    • The Tommy C. Capper Foundation awards scholarships to fund the education of people who desire vocational, technical training or traditional college but would find it impossible to afford schooling without assistance. Our guiding principle is to distribute these scholarships to recipients who have consistently demonstrated hard work and motivation to achieve excellence in their lives. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the chosen institution for related expenses (tuition, fees, books, other supplies).

Who this scholarship is NOT for:

  • If this scholarship wouldn’t make a big difference for you, and you already know how you’ll pay for additional education - then this isn’t a good fit for you.
  • If you’ve never attended Central DeWitt High School (formerly Central Clinton Community High School), this isn’t for you.

The Tommy C. Capper Foundation is proud to announce that 2020 will be the first year in which scholarships will be awarded.  We are so excited to see how this impacts the lives of current and former students of Central DeWitt High School. As we continue to award scholarships, we’ll include the stories of those impacted right here on this page.