F. A. Q.

Here are some common questions about the Tommy C. Capper Scholarship

Who is eligible for a scholarship from the Tommy C. Capper Foundation?


Applicants must have attended Central DeWitt High School (formerly Central Clinton Community High School); regardless of graduation year.

If I have other options easily available to pay for school, should I still submit an application?

No.  This scholarship is intended for those whose lives it will make the greatest difference, and who would otherwise find it very difficult or impossible to continue their education.

Who was Tom Capper?

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What type of school is the scholarship for?

Technical, vocational and traditional continuing education are all covered by this scholarship.  Short-term courses of study are preferred, but not exclusively. Students pursuing a multi-year course of study will need to re-apply each year.

How Do I Apply?

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What Are the Deadlines?

Since the Capper Scholarship is for current and former attendees of Central DeWitt High School (formerly Central Clinton Community High School) of all ages and career pursuits, all applications for scholarship must be received 4 months before the start of your college or vocational program.

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Feel free to contact us at info@capperfoundation.org.

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