The Tommy C. Capper Scholarship 

The Capper Foundation is dedicated to helping current and former students of Central DeWitt High School afford higher education. It is especially intended for those in whose lives it will do the most good.

About Us

Tom Capper’s love for DeWitt inspired him to give back to this wonderful community. Seeing his parents work so hard so that he could afford go to college, made him determined to help those who need it most.

Who We Help

This scholarship is designed to go to DeWitt High School attendees who would otherwise have a difficult time paying for additional schooling. Not just for today’s graduating class, it’s also designed to help those going back to school or changing careers - from any class year.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to help many generations of attendees of Central DeWitt High School afford continuing education - especially those whose whose lives will be most greatly impacted.

DeWitt, IA Corssroads to Opportunity

Who We're Here to Help

The Tommy C. Capper Scholarship is uniquely designed for all ages of current and former students of Central DeWitt High School - whether you took a break to raise your family, are studying for a career change, just graduated high school, or never thought college was an option because of limited resources.

Tom Capper’s legacy is to help those who would otherwise struggle to pay for life-changing continuing education - regardless of age.

Tom's Bright Idea

While Tom Capper’s parents worked very hard to put him and his sister through school - he attended Westminster College and Bonnie went to William Woods in Fulton, MO - he saw some scholarships going to students who genuinely didn’t need them.

His brilliant plan was to help all graduates - not just recent graduates. In Tom’s words, “Well, why couldn’t these scholarships be for someone who went to school ten years ago, or more?”  Allowing all students of all ages needing help means more generations of Central DeWitt families can be put on the path to success.

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